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Gardeners of all ages: Show us what’s growing

May 3, 2020

While the Friendship Trays kitchen is inaccessible to volunteers’ cameras, we’re featuring on this website photos from area gardens. And we’d love for you to send us pictures that you’ve taken in your garden this year. When the sun is bright and you see something delightful, pull out your phone and send us a picture. It’s that simple. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


– Sunshine is really helpful. The early morning after rain produces pictures featuring lovely droplets. Pictures taken when little bugs are about can be great fun.

– Watch the slideshow on the website. Note that the pictures we are using don’t show gardens; they show details: parts of plants, or veggies, or critters. And the photos are cropped VERY horizontally. Keep that in mind, and take pictures holding the phone horizontally, not vertically.

– Do not allow into the background of your photo anything that would allow people to easily identify the location where your photo was taken. No people, please. No cars. No neighbors’ houses. The best tactic is to point the camera into the plant, so plants and ground become the background. If something identifable is in the picture, it will either be cropped out, or the picture will not be used.

– If you can control the file size of the pictures your camera takes, specify the biggest file size possible – 1 Mg or larger. Before sending your photo, do not crop it. Do not edit it in any way. You do not need to give the photo file a new name or date.

– Share your photos one at a time, using e-mail. Send here, to On iPhone, go to Photos, find your photo, tap share, use the e-mail address above and then, when Photos asks what size file to send, choose the maximum pixel size possible. Do not send photos by message because the photo file actually sent with the message is too small to be used on the website.

– By way of thanks for your voluntary participation in this project and as sole remuneration for your work and your agreement to allow Friendship Trays to publish as outlined above the photos you send, we will place your initials in the bottom right corner of any picture published. When you send your first picture, let us know your preference on the listing of your initials. If you do not specify, we will use the initials of your first and last names. If you so request, we will leave off your initials.

This project is open to all, of any and every age. Enjoy. And thank you for your continuing interest in Friendship Trays.

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April 17, 2020


April 15, 2020

A member of our staff received an e-mail from a gmail account. The text was signed using my name and title at Friendship Trays. The e-mail asked recipients of the e-mail to buy $200 eBay gift cards.

Friendship Trays is not the originator of this spam, and is not asking people to buy gift cards. Thank you for being careful with your e-mail account.

– Lucy Bush Carter

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April 3, 2020

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