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Daily acts of kindness have the power to turn a life around.

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Our commercial kitchen produces hundreds of trays each weekday.

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Our volunteers expedite meals to recipients to be sure all are fed.

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Drivers (and their helpers) deliver nutrition for health to Charlotte doorsteps.

Friendship Trays runs on the generosity of our donors and volunteers. Here’s how you can get involved.


Volunteer drivers arrive at our Griffith Road location to pick up the meals for their route, utilizing their own vehicle. Meal pickup occurs between 10 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. During the pandemic, drivers leave all meals in a cooler at the door. Over time, recipients on a given route will change and the streets visited may change, so it is important to read the route sheet every time. Route sheets list directions from one stop to the next.

Volunteers can volunteer exclusively on one route, or be a substitute driver willing to drive wherever is needed. We have volunteers who will drive once a month, three times a week and everything in between. By sorting out who can drive when, recipients on all routes get food five days a week.

Friendship Trays routes operate Mondays through Fridays. There are no opportunities at this time on the weekends.

Ready to get started? To get a list of current opportunities, please email Volunteer Coordinator Martha Cochrane. Thank you!

Since 1976 our mission at Friendship Trays has been to deliver nutritious meals to elderly or infirm individuals in the Charlotte community who are unable to obtain or prepare their own meals. We deliver a meal to the doorstep of over 400 recipients. But we deliver so much more than that. We deliver human connection to those that are isolated and lonely. We deliver peace of mind to the families of our recipients. It’s so much more than a meal.


Mail: PO Box 680791 Charlotte, NC  28216

Offices: 648 Griffith Rd. Charlotte, NC 28217

Voice: 704.333.9229  Fax: 704.333.5947

Operating hours: 8 am – 3 pm